Issue No. 9
July 2013
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August 8- 11, APS Show in Milwaukee, Wi
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Guyana O/p 




 St Lucia GPO C

St. Lucia has been backstamping their mail with a very distinctive cancel 




A Note about PNG Personalized Stamps


New K1.30 and K6.70 rates in effect from January of this year and the denominations have changed to keep pace. 





PO BOX 230049, 
Ansonia Station, 
New York, NY 10023 USA

Welcome to Newsletter #9. 
This issue features items that are used not in their normal place:
  1. Australia Commonwealth Reply Coupon used in         Christmas Island. 
  2. Australia registered envelope prepared for territory     use, this example is for use in Norfolk Island.
  3. New Zealand used in Fanning Island
In case you were not aware, some of Guyana's overprints are done on previously unreleased stamps. We are in the midst of preparing an updated listing consisting of about 60 these stamps to share with you in next month's newsletter.

And yes, we are getting ready for the APS StampShow in Milwaukee, Wisconsin August 8 to 11th. 
Please enjoy, critique, and comment as always, I enjoy it. 


Steve Zirinsky  

Australia Used In