Issue No. 8
June 2013
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New Zealand to Kenya
Guyana Provisionals
Cook Island cds
Swaziland New Post Office
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May 2013 02 NZ to Kenya


2013 May 01 Australia 2 1/2d


Guyana Butterfly
with shifted AIDS overprint
$225 per horiz. strip of five 


PO BOX 230049 

Ansonia Station
New York, NY 10023 USA

Welcome to Newsletter No. 8.


Melbourne was nothing short of incredible. Sales were excellent, camaraderie was high and there was interest for all manner of material- from stamps to postal history to poster stamps and to revenue and parcel stamps.  It was really good to see such high level of interest, dispelling the rumor that stamp collecting (philately) is dead! Click here for a few shots taken at our stand- you might see a familar face or two! And yes, the stand is there somewhere behind the bodies.


We are now getting ready for this summer's (in the Northern Hemisphere at least) APS Show to be held at the Delta Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin August 8-11th. Look for us at stand 1622.


This issue of our newsletter offers:


1. Provisionals (AKA Overprint Alley)

         a. Trinidad and Tobago 

         b. Pricing for some of the Guyana Provisionals

2. Papua New Guinea- 2013

         a. New registration label

         b. New postmarks (includng Dropp box)

3. New cancels:

a. Montserrat (Teller #1 and Teller #2)

b. Swaziland- The Hub ( a new central sorting facility)

4. Wrong cancel (Cook Islands) 

5. And some tips for searching our website- garnered from many conversations in Melbourne- we hope you find them useful.


We now have uploaded Michael Mochizuk'si US Pacific Islands Newsletter 1979 thru 1985 complete, along with his postmaster list index as well as Web Supplements to Eric Baxendale's US Pacific Islands Bulletin 47 to 59 Click here for access. 


Look forward to hearing from you.     




Cook Islands
These are the three current postmarks in use in Rarotonga. One of these images is wrong and not like the others. Take a guess and then click here for the answer.
Cook Island 2Cooks IslandCook Island
Swaziland New Post Office
swazi hub swazi hub 1swazi hub 2
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