Issue No. 7
May 2013
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Belize Provisional Overprint
Guyana Provisional Overprints
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Belize 25c overprint

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Welcome to Newsletter No. 7.


A brief website note - since we are travelling down to Melbourne for the International, May 10 - 15 (Stand #166), online orders placed during that time may experience delivery delays, so please be patient.


For those shopping online, we will continue to add more stamps plus we have acquired and added a good selection of hard-to-come-by Western Australia and Tasmania Railway stamps.


For those visiting Zirinsky Stamps in Melbourne, we will be offering a superb Queensland Railway Parcel collection. It has the scarce 10 shilling, one of only four known. Click here for more information. 


On the discovery front and pictured in this newsletter:

  • New postal marking from Samoa...or rather it is not new but unseen until now
  • Belize 25c provisional
  • Guyana $20 provisionals

Paula and I are looking forward to meeting many friends - both new and old - in Melbourne.


As always,     



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