Issue No. 6
April 2013
In This Issue
Tonga- Niuatoputapu
American Samoa Eclipse Cover.
Western Australia
Mail Volume Statistics for the Solomon Islands 2011
More Postal Rates  
We have added postal rates for Bahamas,  Dominica. and Guyana
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Welcome to Newsletter No.6 in which you will find:

  • New Feature: Literature category. This month We have "The Departmental Stamps of South Australia" by A E Butler
  • Tonga, inbound mail to Niuatoputapu.
  • This months 'best offer' is an unusual item from American Samoa. Believed to be one of six.  
  • Promotional Markings of Malawi and Belize
  • Postal Rates from Bahamas, Dominica and Guyana. The Bahamas and Guyana have not changed their rates since 1999.
  • In depth mail statistics from the Solomon Islands, which I comment on in my blog.  

We look forward to meeting many of our customers in Melbourne, Australia May 10 - 15, 2013. We are Stand 166.


Hot news for Melbourne- Paula will give a demonstration on the stage on May 12th at Noon to show how to make full use of the  Zirinsky Stamps website.


In the United States, we will be at the APS StampShow in Milwaukee in August.


As always, we enjoy looking forward to your input.    



tonga 2013
Tonga- Niuatoputapu: Inbound mail to Niuatoputapu is seldom seen
samoa eclipse
American Samoa Eclipse Cover
Best Offer over $400. Bids to be
received by 22 April 2013 5pm EDT.