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No. 57

August 2017
Dear Steven,
Collecting covers can be fun. Deducing rates and creating rate charts can be fun and one can learn all sorts of details, as the devil really is in the details. What if someone has created a rate chart ? Doesn't it open a whole new world?. To know your covers you need to know the rates. Here are two studies that have just been added to the website. 

1. Pitcairn Parcel Rates by Mark Butterline

2. Namibia Postal Rates from 1990 to the Present Day by Derek Loteryman, My thanks to the author and to David Hanschen who knew to ask. This is a rather formidable effort!

If you have a postal rate study that you think should get some attention I would be happy to highlight it here.

There is a new book, or rather a second printing of " The Numeral Cancellation of New South Wales" by Hugh Freeman. It is being published by Brudsen- White in September. Click here for pre-publication price information.

I have attempted a study of recent PNG Post marks...I have some 100 different ones and feel that it is about thirty per cent complete. Care to add to it? Click here to view.

Also in PNG, there is also a new sorting machine that uses a scanning label. Produced by Pitney Bowes, it was first introduced in April 2017.  It adds a computer label with the date and a count code. I have seen pieces with mid May dates and numbered 22788. By July 16th the number increased to 77664. Currently used for letters, it will soon be used for small parcels as well. 

View of the new Machine in Konedobu Post Office, Papua New Guinea
Thanks to Banian Masiboda for the photos and Margaret Posu for her information.

and now for some stock items...
Some times ancillary material can be intriguing
Here are some items from the Solomons that would fit that bill.

We have also updated St. Vincent and Montserrat postal markings, and added to PNG Personalized stamps.

Again, please critique and comment- I enjoy it!


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