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No. 56

July 2017

Dear Steven ,

There are collectors who have noticed that I have a tendency to promote modern material.  Guilty as charged! Encouraged, some have even sent me articles on their modern topics, which I have enthusiastically added to my website. This includes-

1. Ceylon/Sri Lanka 1970 - 1974 by Bruce Haynes of Australia. It is a one frame exhibit about the trials and tribulations of a newly independent country trying to produce their own postage stamps and how this is reflected in stamps issued.

2. Study of Namibia Registered Rate Stamps by David Hanschen. This is a study of the different stamps and rates that the non denominated registered letter stamp represents in Namibia. 

3. Study of Rhodesian Railway stamps by Otto Peetoom and Bruce Warrender. This is a study of the Rhodesian Railway stamps used in Bechuanaland in the 1950's.

Other items of interest this month are:

1. Censored Tin Can Mail cover.
2. Niue "Official Paid" Woolworth tag. Woolworth had arranged for some baskets to be weaved on Niue and then simply had them mailed back to New Zealand. Or so they thought.  The post office didn't have the stamps for postage and so created these tags marked "Official/ Postage Paid" .Problem solved.
3. British Empire Specimen stamps. Mostly British Africa and British Caribbean.
4. Western Australia official response cards with Perfins
5. Australia advertising covers
6. Mauritius mail.
7. Seychelles and Newfoundland
8. PNG Instructional label and postmarks 

There is also a chart of new postal rates from the Seychelles, and a chart of the recen Samoa High value stamps. Updates include British Virgin Islands, PNG double ring cancels, and personalized stamps as well as St. Lucia and St. Vincent.


Some New PNG Postmarks- rapid changes these past two years

Again, please critique and comment- I enjoy it!