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No. 55

June 2017

Dear Steven ,

We have been grappling with the shop portion of the website recently. And we think it is just about fixed. If you experience any issues let us know. You can always reach out to me directly. And we apologize for any technological glitches that you have been facing. 

There are two settings of this generic stamp- one with label and one without

PNG Personalized Stamp
                            New Postmark

These were intended for domestic use only. The Vava'u receiving mark on the back  is dated sometime in 1994, the year before the cover was sent.  The Vava'u post office started cancelling envelopes when they received them so that they would not get blamed for delayed mail  (" see , not my fault" attitude). However, the canceler got frozen and it took a few years before people realized that it should get fixed (largely because I said something) because otherwise its use does not prove anything.


Again, please critique and comment- I enjoy it!