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No. 52

March 2017

Dear Steven ,

There is something soothing about working on stamps and covers from tropical isles during a raging Nor'easter -maybe not so much Antarctic material though(!).
Welcome to MY march madness. This month we are featuring-

Did you know that not all countries treat OHMS mails the same? Domestic usages generally don't require stamps, but internationally usage varies. 

Here are two examples, which also show specially printed registration labels by the UPU.

Are Permit envelopes outside of the realm of collecting? In a way, they are like printed to private order postal stationery and are often unremarkable. However, that is not always the case as can be seen by the changing messages that Barbados Light and Power uses on their monthly bills. Click here for to enlarge these.

The Falklands are still producing new free frank devices and as a consequence the impressions change. Here are four new ones. These can be found under the Falkland Island Section 

Recent Postmarks

We have updated a few different areas in the "Studies and Articles" section of the website- see below. I would like to thank Gordon Smith for allowing me to promote his study on Botswana Registration labels. See below for the link.

Again, please critique and comment- I enjoy it!