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No. 48

November 2016
Dear Steven ,

Welcome to Newsletter 48.

Some news on the PNG Front-

PNG: Additions to the 2014 K.130 Overprints. 
The orchid overprint differs from the previously stamp in the use of red for the value. 
I have been advised that this was a "misprint from the beginning". I understand this to mean that it wasn't as easy to read so they changed it to the bolder numbers. 

Newly Discovered Version

Original Version


   Newly Discovered Stamp

This is a new value that was
overprinted at the time. I think
there is still one more out there

This Fiji card was apparently prepared by someone who wanted to document their world travels by means of a postcard. It was the early 20th Century version of a selfie.

Modern documents that use either revenue stamps or postage stamps for revenue use have always been intriguing to me.

I am highlighting three recent acquisitions 
from St. Helena:

Motor Cycle Policy 
(illustrated here)


Registered Land Ordinance (Rental agreement)

These are complete documents 

Other items this month are:
1. Ireland Railway stamps.
2. Easter Island meters
3. And a NZ pigeon gram stamp 

We have updated postmarks from St. Helena, Samoa and Guyana as well.

Please enjoy, critique, and comment as always, I enjoy it !



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