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No. 46

September 2016
Dear Steven ,

Welcome to Newsletter 46.

This month we are catching up on new issues- specifically PNG. There are two new overprints to report. 

These stamps were printed and distributed in January of 2015 along with the other 13 high values. Commercial usages for some exist but are scarce as there are few people collecting stamps locally.

Included below are New Zealand Fine Paids. If you didnt pay the duties on time you have to pay a fine and these stamps signify payment of this additional amount. 

One highlighted item below is a leaflet dropped in a Dutch East Indies influenced area 
(I presume by the use of Dutch as one of the languages) after the victory in Japan. The POW internees were starving as well as their erstwhile captors (the Japanese troops). This document highlights the planning efforts that the authorities undertook in the field as the administration changed.

We have updated PNG overprints and personalized stamps as well as Solomon Island Postal Agencies and Registration marks.

Please enjoy, critique, and comment as always, I enjoy it !


Updates On

PNG Personalized Stamps  
Series V (base rate K1.45)
Solomon Islands Postal Agencies

Solomon Islands Registration Marks