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No. 45

August 2016
Dear Steven ,

Welcome to Newsletter 45.

This month we are highlighting Australia and a piece of private stationery printed to order from New Zealand.

Substantial additions have also been made to the cinderella / poster stamp stock.

We have also acquired a Yukon Revenue document collection, some 60+ items. Please contact us for more details.

Did you know that in November 2015
St. Vincent added a new postmark for general use in Kingsown? It is also used for cancelling all international inbound mail. It is illustrated to the right.

Also, under new articles below, we are pleased to include two studies by David Hanschen on Registered Mail stamps of Namibia and South Africa (with a side bar into a forgery scheme).  I expect David to be further developing this. 

Please enjoy, critique, and comment as always, I enjoy it !


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