No. 42
April 2016
Booth 658
NY 2016
May 28 - June 4
Javits Center 
New York, NY USA

PNG Overprint Variety

The Unusual
Samoa ILO Set

Promotional Marking 
Updates On


Dear Steven,
Welcome to Newsletter 42.

I dedicate this issue to my father, Daniel, who past away last week. It was his fault that I was introduced to this wonderful hobby. Thanks, Dad!
This month we feature what I think is the most difficult set from Independent Samoa to obtain- the ILO set from 2009. It was issued locally and wasn't distributed for reasons unknown to this author. Until now.
Also of note from Samoa, a date-stamp book from Sala'ilua covering three years. One page is illustrated. Postage is extra.
Other items highlighted this month:
1. Two envelopes from Cocos Keeling Islands,
2. Papua New Guinea double ring cancellations
3. Also from PNG a variety on the recent K90 overprint. Contact me directly for pricing.
3. Covers with Trinidad overprints
4. Botswana newly seen promotional marking
And there are the usual improvements and updates. 
Please enjoy, critique, and comment as always, I enjoy it.....and just two months to go before NY2016.


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