No. 41
Mar 2016
Booth 658
NY 2016
May 28 - June 4
Javits Center 
New York, NY USA

PNG 2014-15 Surcharged and Uprated Stamps

Added stamp

Price list upon request 

The Unusual
Cook Islands Free Franks

Botswana Postmarks

Updates On



Dear Steven,
Three months to go until NY2016. WIll you be attending? Discounted hotel rates are available until mid Aprii. 

This month we have a further addition to the PNG overprint set as well as obtaining one that we knew existed but hadn't seen.

Every day is a new day!

Also in the PNG realm, there is a new stationery item with both domestic and international rates.

Other items include-
1. Cook Island Free Frank
2. Recent Botswana postmarks
3. German New Guinea Postcard
4. Australia Hand Illustrated FDC.
5. Wreck Cover
6. Tokelau
7. Nevis- Gingerland postmark. 

Plus updates on FSM Postmarks, St. Helena and Grenada Free Franks.
Please enjoy, critique, and comment as always, I enjoy it.


PO Box 230049, Ansonia Station
NY, NY 10023 USA    T: 718.706.0616

PO Box 230049, Ansonia Station, NY, NY 10023 USA    t:  718 706 0616