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No. 37
Nov 2015
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May 28 - June  4
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Dear Friend, 

Welcome to Newsletter  37. 

Please note that the presentation I am giving on Samoa Stamp Duties at the British Colony Study Group meeting at the Collectors Club in New York will be  
on the 12th of November and not the 11th.

Having just returned from Germany and the annual gathering of the ING, this month's newsletter has a special emphasis on Papua- in particular rare stamp duty stamps and documents and registered mail from the postwar interim period.

But to be fair, there are also some items from Samoa and Guyana. 

There is new postal rate information for Mauritius, PNG and the Solomons, 
postmarks for FSM have been updated, and updates added to the US Pacific Island Bulletin by Eric Baxendale (thank you Eric).

Please enjoy, critique, and comment as always, I enjoy it.


 Guyana Overprint
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