No. 34
August 2015
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Papua New Guinea

Samoa Postage Paid 
2003 Courtesy Rufus Barnes
2015 Courtesy Samoa Post

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PNG Personalized Series II

Postal Rates

Dear Friend,
Welcome to Newsletter  34.

It is hard to believe that it has been ten years since my comments on provisional stamps were published in Martin Frankevicz's article in Scott Stamp Monthly. These comments still ring true. Click here to read this.

Special thanks to Rufus Barnes for information on the postage paid markings of Samoa in use in 2003, as well as to Samoa Post for Postage Paid markings introduced in January of this year. This info has been added to the Samoa section.  

One highlight is the new information presented on Samoa Stamp Duties. There are about 50 revenue stamps that were previously unknown. 

Another highlight is the constant updates to the Postal Rates.
This month, we are featuring: 
  • a New Zealand First Day Cover
  • a cover from the 'other' Niua -Niuatoputapu.
  • A six penny roo registered cover  
Please enjoy, review and critique as always.

Steven Zirinsky
NZ First Day Cover
Niuatoputapu 1930's
6d Roo
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