No. 33
July 2015
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May 28 - June  4
Javits Center
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Dear Friend, 

Welcome to Newsletter  33 .

We reorganized the Cayman Island and Mauritius Free Franks, and completely reworked PNG Personalized stamps (a moving target if there ever is one). There is also info on recent Samoa Postmarks other than Apia (examples of which I have in stock), and Barbado Post Office Histories.

We are featuring more Pacific Island History, Australia hand drawn cachets, as well as few modern bits, Falkands, US and Turks and Caicos (or is it Japan or St. Helena)?.

The buzz is starting now for NY2016. We will have a stand there at will no doubt be an impressive event.

Please enjoy, critique, and comment as always, I enjoy it.


Japanese Card from Palau
Used by US Soldier

Japan to St. Helena
Missent to Turks & Caicos

This is lurking under the Royal Mail Label

New Zealand Health Miniature Sheet FDC 
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