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No. 31
May 2014


NY 2016
May 28 - June 4, 2016
Javits Center
New York, NY


Samoa Stamp Duties Offering #2

Trinidad Inverted Overprint $750

Singles available $150
Dear Friend,

Welcome to Newsletter 31.

Stamp duty stamp usage, first used in Western Samoa in 1914 after New Zealand occupied it, continued up until five years ago when revenue collection was shifted from the Ministry of Finance  to  the Ministry of Natural Resources (which uses a  hand stamp denoting the duties paid). I am now able to offer, for the first on the market, two offerings of modern stamps used for this purpose. 

Other highlights this month include:
  1. Australia Margins on cover
  2. Trinidad inverted overprint- three sheets known to me
  3. PNG Stationery for the Christmas Season 2014. 100 of each were printed at the K1.30 and the K6.00 rate. Per pair- $35 mint $45 used.

Updates to

1. Vanuatu- Recent postmarks added, free franks reworked. 

2. Free Franks of Tonga- completely redone.

3. Ascension Stationery 

4. BIOT Postmarks

5. PNG Registration labels

6. 2011 Samoa Overprints.

7. Solomon Island Postal Materials


It is my understanding that 80% of the Vanuatu Archives were destroyed in the recent typhoon. Typically, this would include artists proofs, color trials etc. Sad news to hear.


Please enjoy, critique, and comment as always, I enjoy it.  



  Steven Zirinsky

Samoa Stamp Duties: Offer #1

Papua New Guinea Holiday Pre- Stamped Stationery. Only 100 printed of each. Price $35 mint $45 used per pair
 PO BOX 230049, Ansonia Station, New York, New York  10023 USA