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No. 28
Feb 2015


PNG Personalized 2013 Generic Series 27 values for $110 


Dear Friend,

Welcome to Newsletter 28. While I am pleased that the predicted 3 feet of snow didn't materialized here, I secretly enjoy big snows in New York. Th City turns into a small town for a while.

Updated are the Falklands Free Franks(and new material added to stock), Samoa Stamp Duty, Airport departures taxes for Jamaica and Anguilla.

This months features are:
1. PNG Personalized stamps. Recent generic series
2. British Indian Ocean Territory 
3. Australia printed to private order
4. Use of one local postal permit no longer recognized in Palau- these are only good locally and if sent to the US postage needs to be applied.

Please enjoy, critique, and comment as always, I enjoy it.



  Steven Zirinsky

 PO BOX 230049, Ansonia Station, New York, New York  10023 USA