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No. 26
Dec 2014

Postmarks Plus




Dear Friend,

Welcome to Newsletter 26. We are featuring:
  • New Zealand Cinderellas
  • Barbados Post Office Label
  • South Australia Impressed Stamp Duty
  • British Postal Orders: Anguilla, Gibraltar, Seychelles
    and Yemen 
  • Victoria Railway 3d parcel stamp 
  • Western Australian Revenue 
  • PNG embossed stamp duty 
  • Updates on Ascension and Vanuatu postal rates as well as added postmarks in the study section, and a listing of the Trinidad overprints from the last couple of years.
 and for fun...
  • Guyana non overprint. Or is it a overprint error? This stamp was originally issued decades ago and was recently hauled out to be overprinted $20. Now here is a copy that was intended to be overprinted $20 (as that would be the proper rate). Was it part of a strip where it is the only one not overprinted? Or did the PO not overprint the entire sheet? Sadly, we will never know the answer to this- the case of the non overprinted error.
Please enjoy, critique, and comment as always, I enjoy it.




  Steven Zirinsky

 PO BOX 230049, Ansonia Station, New York, New York  10023 USA