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No. 24 
Oct. 2014




Dear Friend,

Welcome to Newsletter 24. The Airmail Show at the APS in Bellefonte, PA was very intense with some staggering exhibits 
( I almost wanted to drink a Vin Fiz). 

We are featuring:
  1. Samoa Radio (Telegraph Office) postal usage
  2. New Zealand Lands and Deeds L5 revenue.
  3. Turks and Caicos Departure Tax
  4. Norfolk Island WWII censored
  5. Gibraltar
  6. Pitcairn Island-Collection of 53 envelopes from a early 1960's correspondence.
  7. United States stamps used after postal independence in the Marshall Islands.
We have also updated the Guyana Provisionals and stationery studies from the Marshalls, the Solomons and Micronesia. 

Please enjoy, critique, and comment as always, I enjoy it.




  Steven Zirinsky

 PO BOX 230049, Ansonia Station, New York, New York  10023 USA