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No. 21
July 2014


APS Summer Show
21-24 Aug 2014
Convention Center
Hartford, Ct

Aerophilately 2014
12-14 Sept 2014
100 Match Factory Pl
Bellefonte, PA




Dear Friend,

Welcome to Newsletter 21. 

Well, the 1c British Guiana sold. Not at 20 million as some wags projected but at half that. It is hard to put too much weight on a single item as the market is too small but it is still a very impressive figure that got well deserved attention, and as a result so did the rest of the hobby. All good.

To me the REAL story is the Guiana follow up material that sold at David Feldman's auction in Geneva a week or two later....items went for ten, twenty, forty times estimate. Staggering. See the results here,

This month we are featuring:
1. Tokelau forerunner
2. Early Fanning Island Postcards and Promotional Envelope
3. Cook Island Artist Sketch
4. Micronesia Postal Stationery
5. Maps from the Falklands, Tonga and the South Pacific.
6. Faroe Island postmarks
7. Update to the Zambia Provisionals

Please enjoy, critique, and comment as always, I enjoy it.



  Steven Zirinsky

 PO BOX 230049, Ansonia Station, New York, New York  10023 USA