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No. 19
May 2014

APS Summer Show
21-24 Aug 2014
Convention Center
Hartford, Ct

Aerophilately 2014
12-14 Sept 2014
100 Match Factory Pl
Bellefonte, PA

Papua Revenue


Bermuda Postmarks


US Pacific Islands Bulletin
Eric Baxendale, ed.


Dear Friend,

Welcome to Newsletter 19.

This month features:
  1. An article by Steve Pendleton in the IO (the quarterly journal produced by the Indian Ocean Study Circle) on commercial mail from the British Indian Ocean Territory and a cover from stock that complements this article.
  2. Seal of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands, photo and signature of the Administrator in the 1930's, and stamps current at the time.
  3. US International Rate Usages. The recent release of US global forever stamps makes for an interesting collecting focus. As some of these have had limited use, an exhibit would be difficult to acquire. One from stock is exhibited here.
  4. Recent Bermuda postmark study and stock availability.
  5. Further to the PNG Departure Tax Stamp highlighted last month, there is a link to a listing produced and used by courtesy of the Interessergemeinschaft Neuguinea on this interesting facet of PNG.
  6. A Papua Stamp Duty stamp.
  7. New Trinidad & Tobago overprints, from July and December 2013.

Last month, I published an interesting and highly viewed rate chart for the Zimbabwe Inflation Rate Period by Rod Kantor. In addition to the unfortunate omission of crediting the author, it was not the author's intent to have it published at this time. My apologies to all.


Again, please enjoy, critique, and comment as always, I enjoy it.




  Steven Zirinsky

 PO BOX 230049, Ansonia Station, New York, New York  10023 USA