Issue No. 14
December 2013
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Dear Friend, 
We are pleased to offer newsletter #14.
We have added a range of interesting material in the Australia and Norfolk Island areas. Additionally, we are in the process of adding several thousand commercial registered envelopes from Papua New Guinea, which is a bit ironic now that PNG Post (as of six months ago) is no longer using registered mail.    
Items highlighted this month are :
1. Norfolk Island Forerunner
2. Thursday Island censor
3. St. Vincent Provisional Overprint Error
4. Bechuanaland Revenue
5. Seychelles Revenue
6. New Zealand Late Fee  
7. Guyana Bird Provisional Overprint  mini-sheet
(a very scarce item).
We now list updates to the "Studies, Articles and Monograph" section at the bottom of this newsletter.
I recently found a part of my old stamp collection from when I was about eleven... on the front I had written "Bought for $18. Now worth $23.63 and going up every year. Very valuable".
I remember writing those words. Perhaps it is my "rose bud". Whats yours?
Please enjoy, critique, and comment as always, I enjoy it. 



Steve Zirinsky