Issue No. 13
November 2013
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Dear Friend, 
Here we are with Newsletter #13.
Halloween has just ended. Or should I say my son finally came home lugging a bulging shopping bag of candy and other short-lived delights. And I started thinking of the similarities between stamp collecting and trick-or-treating. Everyone is looking for that ultimate treat- that special something- and the only problem is once you find it- just like candy- is that you want more and more and more.
Thus, this months treats are :
1. Pitcairn forerunner, commercial useage.
2. Samoa Official Frank
3. GB Machin with a Fiji Instructional marking
    (who says it has to be old to be interesting)?
4. St. Vincent Local Post Offices
5. Some Papua varieties 
Please enjoy, critique, and comment as always, I enjoy it. 



Steve Zirinsky