Issue No. 10
August 2013
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Guyana Provisionals
New Zealand IRC Used in Samoa
Jamaica Social Security Stamps
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August 8- 11, APS Show in Milwaukee, Wi
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Malawi Postal Rates

Local rate rose from K145 to K265 on July 22nd 2013- a 50% rise. Other rates rose a similar percentage.  




Updated Kosrae cancels post-Independence

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Dear Friend,

Welcome to Newsletter #10. 
In this issue, we have-
  1. Produced the first edition of Guyana Provisionals from 2010 to 2013. Most are now listed by the Scott Catalogue. Stanley Gibbons is working on their listing.
  2. New Zealand IRC used in Samoa
  3. Jamaica Revenues are alive and well- see the Social Security Stamps we recently were able to obtain.

And yes, we are getting ready to drive out to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the APS Stamp show August 8 to 11th. 
Please enjoy, critique, and comment as always, I enjoy it. 


Steve Zirinsky  

Click  here to read the monograph
Samoa IRC 
Jamaica $25 SS           Jamaica Social Security $50 .