More than You’d Expect-Vanuatu

unusual free frankSometimes it is the strangest things that catch my eye.

Ordinarily, free frank mail unveils the workings of the government- various departments within the treasury office and how the government is organized.

Every once in a while something comes along that is unique in the sense that it just couldnt be anywhere else.

This mark is from a commission in Vanuatu which was established on that date was an inquiry into “foreign influences and interferenced with persons holding an office in the service of the Republic”.

There was another commssion set up a few days later on 28 September 2004 into the prosecution of Serge Vohor on 11 September. There was an armed confrontation between the police and the Vanuatu Mobil Force…and changes at both on the 13th. I wonder if there is a free frank mark for that as well.

Incidentially, this info is a little hard to figure out….it is not that clear when googling it.

Do you have something that fits into this category…of more than you would expect?




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