Where do you put it? What category does it belong to?

What category would this be under? Russia? Kenya? St. Helena? Missent? Or all of the above? Do you have a cover that fits into a “grey area”? Show us!


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  1. This is certainly a problem for retail (fair/shop) sales, and one which affects customers as much as it affects dealers. Even if the dealer makes a reasoned decision today, unless he is very well organised there is no certainty that he would make the same decision with a similar cover 6 months later.

    Fortunately online shops often have the facility for listing the same item in multiple categories – even if you have only one example. In this case – depending on the categories you have set up – the main category would be RUSSIA, with KENYA, St HELENA, as separate categories. And of course if you sell stamps as well as postal history, you need multiple categories to cater for that.

    My category list (http://shop.norphil.co.uk/) doesn’t display 3rd-level by default, but you can select by country, by theme/topic, and by major collecting areas – stamps, FDCs, postal stationery, postal history, picture postcards, ephemea. I don’t claim to be 100% accurate!

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